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Here at Privé, we provide end-to-end award-winning technology solutions for enterprises and SMEs. Whether it’s a full transformation via Privé’ wealth management in-a-box package or seeking enhancement from one of our innovative modules or APIs, Privé provides you with a range of solutions to meet your requirements.

Discover our solutions below, and connect with our team to see how the modules, standalone or integrated, can help your business meet its digital transformation needs.

Our Solutions

Here at Privé, we provide end-to-end award-winning technology solutions for enterprises and SMEs. Whether it’s a full transformation via Privé’ wealth management in-a-box package or seeking enhancement from one of our innovative modules or APIs, Privé provides you with a range of solutions to meet your requirements.

Discover our solutions below, and connect with our team to see how the modules, standalone or integrated, can help your business meet its digital transformation needs.


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Big Data and AI

As a member of the INFINITECH H-2020 program funded by the European Union, Privé Technologies is proud to have contributed our industry expertise and knowledge to this comprehensive review of Big Data and AI in digital finance.

Chapter 11, Personalized Portfolio Optimization Using Genetic (AI) Algorithms, was co-written by Privé Technologies’ Roland Meier and Rene Danzinger, and explores in detail:

  • The issues with traditional methods of portfolio optimization
  • An explanation and history of genetic algorithms in nature
  • The mathematics behind Privé’s genetic approach
  • How Privé’s approach works, using sustainability preferences as a key example
  • The ways in which Privé’s fitness factors’ can create better and more effective personalized portfolios

 Suitability Brochure Cover

Suitability Kit

With increasing expectations for better protection and assortment of wealth management products, wealth managers view suitability as a pressing issue. Find out the five pillars of a suitability framework that’s effective, and how we can help you get ahead with this downloadable kit. 

Digital Client Experience Kit

Customers are evolving the way they engage with you. So how is your business evolving to communicate and address their needs? It’s time to rewrite the rules with our downloadable kit. 


ILP Solution Brochure Cover

Investment-Linked Policies

Low interest rates, stagnant growth and the growing likelihood of a global recession define the challenging economic reality for insurers around the world. These dynamics place real pressure not only on bottom lines, but also on strategic plans, transformation programmes, and new product launches and enhancements. Learn more on the key trends impacting the ILP Market with our downloadable kit.

External Asset Management

There is a rising demand for EAMs in emerging markets such as China, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, as well as more established markets such as Singapore and Hong Kong. By choosing the right investment and leveraging technology to address key pain points and have a plan for future enhancements, EAMs can secure their market share and increase growth prospects in this positive-looking market. Find out how with our downloadable kit.

For bancassurers around the world, it’s both a very challenging and a most promising time. The key to winning in this space is the ability to create a differentiated and seamless experience between Bank and Insurer. Download our Bancassurance kit to learn more about leveraging data and providing insights to get ahead.

Fees Management

The ability to accurately manage, pay, receive and track different types of fees is a necessity for any financial institution. By leveraging technology to help to deliver accuracy and transparency, it can significantly improve your ability to mitigate risks and errors and help to free up your operations to focus on more value-adding activities.

Digital Advice

Use data-driven tools to transform wealth management sales and customer experience. Digital Advice tools can incorporate house views and research, as well as deliver tailor-made recommendations to increase conversion and engagement.


Empower your advisors and clients alike to discover, track, and compare funds, stocks, bonds, options, warrants, and structured products.

  • Multi-asset class capabilities
  • Market the data agnostic including documentation and product look-through
  • View up-to-date and custom-branded factsheets
  • Product risk rating to support suitability
  • Supports structured products

Engage clients with an emotionally impactful goal-based wealth planning tool.

  • Create and monitor goal progression. Visually identify shortfalls in wealth goals and create engagement points for upselling and obtaining wallet share.
  • Holistic 360 views of the client including investments, income, assets & liabilities, insurance.
Provide your salesforce with an award-winning portfolio simulation tool to substantiate your product recommendations through real-time impact analysis. Tailor investment proposals and illustrations in a manner of seconds.

  • Simulate portfolio performance using backtesting net of variable account charges
  • Stress-test the portfolios for quantitative analysis
  • Increase adoption in model portfolios and Discretionary Portfolio Management
A robust and modern tool to manage client risk profile and fund risk mapping while maintaining a history log of risk profiles.

  • Online questionnaire engineered to provide real-time results and analysis of clients risk profile which can be refined as many times as client desires
  • Assess risk mapping to match client’s risk profile
  • Instantaneous updates to user when clients update their risk profile


Empowers advisor and clients alike with a revolutionary new method to keep track of the general information of policies to the specifics at the touch of a fingertip.

  • Condsolidate and keep track of policies of clients and their dependents.
  • Organise policy details as well as identify gaps in client’s coverage instantaneously.
  • Clients and advisors alike can easily store, update and access supporting documentations anytime.


APIs available for this product group:

  • Create and monitor wealth planning goals
  • Configure the risk profiling calculation method
  • Search and query a large database of investment products
  • More to explore in the Developer Portal – Sign-in / Register

Quant Products

Use state of the art quantitative models to understand risk and return of your portfolios across all asset classes.


Designed with both advisors and clients in mind, use our patented Artificial Intelligence-driven engine to construct and optimize tailor-made portfolios.

  • Applies genetic evolution concepts to inject bionic advisory into traditional portfolio advisory
  • Through adaptation, the strongest attributes of a portfolio are learned and transferred to the next generation
  • Assess “Portfolio Fitness” via a range of customizable quantitative and qualitative factors
Save, Price and Analyze Structured Products
Calculate Risks number of portfolio

Generate the historical backtesting of a Portfolio

  • Include rebalancing
  • Proxy based Backfilling methodology for Assets without enough price history
  • More to explore in the Developer Portal – Sign-in / Register
All Quant Products can be accessed through APIs

More to explore in the Developer Portal – Sign-in / Register

Digital Portfolio Management

A full suite portfolio management system that allows you to construct and rebalance portfolios efficiently.


An essential tool for portfolio rebalancing, the engine can handle bulk orders and scheduled rebalancing on fixed intervals. Trades will be automatically allocated to individual client accounts and reconciled via our client reporting function.

  • Manages bulk orders and allocates to individual client accounts
  • Ability to track trade execution real-time via an intuitive dashboard
  • Generate trade execution orders in CSV, XML, FIX format
  • Flexibility to perform ad-hoc or scheduled balanced based on fixed intervals or defined triggers
  • Support for all asset classes and fractional shares
Virtual Funds (or vFunds) gives you the ability to package in-house intelligence and strategies wrapped into a virtual fund. It provides clients with easy-to-understand investment ideas, thematic or qualitative, and the client portfolio will show not only a list of securities but also a collection of ideas and themes they are invested in, each with its factsheet and history.

  • Monetize  your strategies and intelligence without the costs of launching new funds
  • Allocate a vFund to fund multiple clients’ wealth goals
  • Intelligently segregates and disperses top-ups  and withdrawals
  • Privé offers a strategy marketplace  to complement yours
Link clients with in-house or third-party model portfolios and manage multiple clients and free up advisor time for additional client meetings and prospecting.

Customize the approval mechanism to your requirements

  • Generate customized factsheets for the model portfolio
  • Upload and edit model portfolios and tag them to specific risk profiles
  • Compare and backtest model portfolio performance
Generate brand consolidation, and aggregated reporting across all client’s assets. Use Alert functionality to stay one step ahead of your clients by receiving notifications for predefined events.

  • Privé has direct data feeds with a network of fund platforms, banks, brokerages, and insurance companies
  • Create events based on allocation deviations, expirations, overdrafts, Event notifications can be at both a company or user level

Give clients access to your branded portal or App. They can view their portfolios, communicate with their advisor, upload documents to a secure storage area, and evaluate your investment recommendations.

  • Monitor their portfolio and manage investments
  • Navigate and interact with your investment product universe
  • In-built messaging function to communicate with your advisors
  • An Intuitive and seamless user experience

Track and store all client and prospects interaction efficiently via built-in notes, eMail magnets, and document storage.

  • Use E-mail magnets to attach a document or report directly to emails
  • Client information document storage
  • Built-in notes
  • Can be integrated into your existing CRM solution
A digital account opening tool. It’s faster, more efficient and compliant with regulatory requirements. With this, we reduce paperwork and use automated processes to perform KYC checks and verification.

  • Perform gamified risk-profiling and CKA as part of the onboarding process
  • The transition from paper-based to digitized forms
  • Adopt efficient record-keeping practices for both advisory and compliance teams
  • Reduce operational costs with streamlined processes
Aggregate all transactions and automatically calculates fees & commissions at the counterparty, advisor, and client level.

  • Track and report client fees, trail fees, and advisor commissions
  • Supports various fee types and commission structures
  • Perform reconciliation at a company or counterparty view
  • Fees and commissions assigned to relevant client and advisors
APIs available for this product group:

  • Create and submit orders for execution
  • Apply investment guidelines to investor account
  • Generate report at the investor or account level
  • Create and maintain customized model portfolios
  • More to explore in the Developer Portal – Sign-in / Register

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