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Privé at Pacific Telecommunications Council

Privé Technologies’s Co-Founder, Mr Julian Schillinger is one of the guest panelists at PTC’s annual conference, held in Honolulu, Hawaii.

On 22 January, Privé Technologies co-founder Julian Schillinger, was invited as a presenting speaker at the Pacific Rim’s premier telecommunications event.

The topic was ”Fostering Digital Infrastructure Investment” and covered:

– Benefits and barriers of digital infrastructure as a separate asset class;

– Investment opportunities and risks;

– Fostering of digital infrastructure investment and asset risk management in developing countries;

– Relationship of services and business models;

– Synergies from wireless and wireline infrastructure;

– Parallels and separation to other infrastructure asset classes;

– Open access, network neutrality, and platforms; 

The three day event gathers major players from the global communication industry and provides the attendees a platform to focus on planning, networking, and discovering what the new year will bring. 

Privé Technologies is grateful to the Pacific Telecommunications Council for the opportunity,  and for Di² for organizing the workshop. 

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