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Financial Institutions increasingly move from being data and service silos into being platforms or platform players. Hence connecting with data and services from other players becomes a core discipline. Privé provides all the data and service hubs required to make this a seamless journey. 

Our Platform Components

Transform your institution into a platform player with our turn-key components.

Client Data Hub

Connect with insurance, retail and private banking accounts and consolidate your client account holdings and transactions. Privé’s data quality assurance process ensures data is clean and reconciled.

Asset Hub

Gain access to dozens of market data providers with a consolidated API, setup your private assets, and manage your security master. 

Strategy Hub

Connect to a wide range of world-class providers of investment strategies. Using Prive’s portfolio management tools you can replicate them in your accounts at ease.

Quantitative Finance Hub

Run your analytics using our proven and scalable quantitative finance calculation tools.

Delivery Channels

Access the functionality you need whichever way you need it.





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