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Enjoy limitless customization and configurable advisory journeys with Privé FLEX!

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Transform your organization into an agile and digital business. Shape powerful advisor journeys for risk profiling, KYC, onboarding, preference selection, portfolio construction & proposals as well as documentation. 

Take advantage of our software and achieve key strategic goals:

  • Superior customer experience (UX)
  • Custom corporate design
  • Lean operating cost
  • Support advisors digitally
  • Expand into new markets, revenue resources, or target groups
  • Offer innovative digital offerings and services


Privé FLEX is our simplified journey – focused for the mass-affluent and retail client where “wealth management becomes simple”, allowing them to receive the same solutions in a truly intuitive manner.

One of the biggest challenges of any software is making sure that UI/UX design choices fit into and mesh well with existing organizational standards and applications. This is why Privé designed the Privé FLEX UI to be fully adaptable and configurable.

Configurable design in seconds

Privé FLEX allows you to change fonts, colors and logos, including those of any charts or diagrams, as well as any margins and images to suit your organization’s needs. The language of FLEX can also be changed by definition or directly by the user.

Simply input your specifications into our customization panel and generate an entirely unique version of FLEX in seconds!

Configurable workflows

The workflow of FLEX is also entirely configurable, allowing you to change the type and sequence of single pages to build your unique journey. Weather your business is

Configurable fund universes

The fund universes of FLEX can also be configured and regularly updated to suit your organization’s needs. The fund universes are multi-asset and can include all available types of securities such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds and ETFs or even real estate or illiquid assets.

Take a look at some screenshots of what your customized FLEX could look like! 







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