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After Months of Tears And Sweat, Wealth Planner Is Launched!

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So much has happened in the last three months, especially with the Digital Advisory team. From launching the Wealth Planner for a large local bank to the Polipocket app – here’s what went down. 

But first, AAR!
Before jumping into the Wealth Planner, let’s talk about AAR. It’s crucial to have these sessions immediately after the incident while it’s fresh. It is also vital to collectively agree on improvement steps that the team can work on together. No team (and no single person) is perfect, and that is ok – as long as we all learn from our mistakes. (Side Read: Here’s a good article I found online which I would encourage all teams to read).

Wealth Planner has launched!
After seven months of hard work, I’m excited to say we have rolled out the new Wealth (Insurance) Planner for a large local bank in Singapore. With that in mind, we have conducted multiple After Action Reviews (AAR) and would love to share our learnings with the company. 

Used as an advisor tool by the bank, financial advisors are empowered to help their clients and prospects gather personal financial insights and plan their future. Via the tool, the advisor can recommend the right financial products (both insurance and investments) to their clients. 

Not Only That! Here’s The Insurance Management Tool
Other than the Wealth Planner tool, we’re proud to announce the launch of PoliPocket (a brand selected by our client, not to be reused) for a Singaporean financial advisory agency tied to AIA. They will be rolling the application out to about 600 advisors and 100K end-clients over the next few months.

We’re incredibly excited to journey our product with these guys – they’re entrepreneurs themselves, and are remarkably like-minded when it comes to business creation. Better yet, they’re fantastic to work with. 

When it comes to the solution, it consists of two products – a mobile application for our end clients and a web-based application for the advisors. The mobile app essentially consolidates and analyzes a client’s insurance portfolio and gaps. The web-based application is a CRM tool for the advisor to manage the insurance policies of the client and prospective clients. 

More Than Just A Client-vendor Relationship
In the spirit of building strong business relationships, the Singapore office has also purchased group corporate insurance from the same guys, so we’ll get to enjoy using our application first hand as the end-user! Now, how rare is that?

This solution currently resides independently from Prive’s primary solution. Discussions on integrating these two solutions in the future is a possibility. In the meantime, given our upcoming pipeline of client projects, we’ll have to take things one at a time. For more details on any of our solutions, do reach out to our team. We’re a friendly bunch. 

Till next time! 

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